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Product name: Dried Morel mushroom/Morchella, Frozen Morels
Source: Wild
Origin: Yunnan, Sichuan in China
Supply time: All the year
Grade: Extra grade, special grade
Specification: 2-7 cm cap with 2 cm stem or stemless
Color: Brown or light black
Package: In bulk, cartons with poly bag inner; as request
Weight: 7-8 KGs/ CTN
Shipping: By sea or air

Morchella  (also called Morel) is one of the most famous edible mushrooms in the ascomycete world. According to analysis, every 100-gram dried Morels contains 24.5 grams of protein. Therefore, Morels is considered as “the source of protein”, and called as “the meat vegetable”. Morels contains 18 kinds/types of amino acids. Moreover, Morchella contain at least 8 kinds of vitamins. The nutrition of Morels is equal to meat and fish. That’s why Morels is regarded as one of the “healthy foods” internationally.

Morchella is considered one of the safest wild mushrooms to pick for the table, as there are no poisonous species that closely resemble it.

We offer the following grades:

1. Special Morels, Dry Morchella, Fresh Morchella
2. Extra Morels, Dry Morchella, Fresh Morchella
3. Standard Morels, Dry Morchella, Fresh Morchella
4. Mini Morels, Dry Morchella, Fresh Morchell
5. Frozen Morels
6. Morel Tail or Stem