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Customer Support & FAQ’s

What are ox gallstones?

Gallstones are mineral elements (and not organic matter) mainly found in bovines gallbladders. Ox gallstones are separated into different kinds depending on their size, shape and color, each of which holds a significant commercial value. Gallstones look like stones of various shapes and colors. There are two main shapes: egg-shaped or pyramid-shaped. There are two distinct colors : Orange brown, or dark brown close to brownish black. The average ox gallstone can be compared to a pigeon egg, weighing around 10 grams.

Ox Gallstone Uses

Ox gallstones are used for the pharmacopoeia. They have a medicinal use thank to their sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties.  In particular, they are used for hepatic treatment.

Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ)

Our MOQ is 350 grams.


We accept payment by T/T to our corporate bank account as well as Western Union. Payment must be made in advance.


Shipping is made by courier (DHL, EMS, UPS).